Interim Assistant


At Earthify, we believe that just creating awareness is not enough for climate change, we need to find sustainable solutions as well via science and technology

Position Description:

You will be an interim to the position whenever someone takes a hiatus

Experience throughout the organization- graphic design, writing and research, content creation, social media, Affiliate marketing, founders and executive positions

Time commitment: 6-7 hrs./week


  • to follow time commitment
  • good communication skills
  • easily available
  • previous leadership skills

You will also be provided with LORs and Certificates!

This position is the highest degree position, right after the founders, you’ll be having many tasks and delegating all of them to our team


Discord: only for our team, if you’re recruited, we’ll add you in


Founder’s Mail:

Contact Info: +91 8668965108

Please note, you will have to go through an interview process, followed by a formal conversation with the founder, to be recruited based on your abilities.

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