Outreach Team employee


Do you want to be a part of an executive position in a student led organisation promoting sustainability and global climate action, then Apply to Earthify!!! 

Earthify is a youth led organization trying to promote about climate science and general scientific research where your passions for science can grow.


  • Makes good and meaningful connections with fellow organisation, researchers and people promote climate change and action (don’t worry, the director and other leaders are there to guide you!). 
  • Excellent email writing skills 
  • Good communication skills
  • 2-3 hrs/week

Benefits of being a part of the Team:

  • Gain valuable industry experience
  • Bring positive change towards global climate action
  • Receive a certificate
  • Get a recommendation letter

Roles Available

  1. Outreach Coordinators (2): Research potential guests(professors, partner organizations, climate change activists, etc.)
  2. Outreach Secretary (1): Keep a track of tasks and make sure everything is done as planned; assist the Director of Outreach where necessary
  3. Having strong linguistic skills is a huge asset

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